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Overcoming the 'Winter Blues': Tips & Strategies

If the transition of seasons impacts your mood and energy levels, just know you're not alone - seasonal depression is real. With shorter days and darker skies, less opportunity for outings and social activities, our bodies and our mind are feeling the effects. So what can we do to try to help ourselves cope with this?

  1. Schedule a doctor's appointment: Deficiencies like vitamin D and iron can impact our mood and energy. Maybe you want to explore the options of anti-depressants/anxiety medications.

  2. Try to create and maintain a routine: A simple, manageable routine can help us stay on track and feel more organized and taken care of.

  3. Ambiance: Light some candles, put on a diffuser or a lamp with relaxing lighting to create a calm, cozy environment. Maybe a favourite playlist or podcast on in the background is comforting for you.

  4. Stay connected: Reaching out to loved ones can be so impactful - whether it's a longer visit, a short walk or coffee date, or a phone call, reach out to those that make you feel supported.

  5. Do things that make you feel good: We don't always have time to do things we enjoy or have been meaning to put time towards. Maybe you love painting, or have been wanting to try some new recipes or knitting, or a new home project. Now's the time!

  6. Daily movement: If you can, move in ways that feel good to you each day. Whether that's a stretch, a walk, or you want to dance it out! It can be as short as a half hour to get the effects of serotonin and endorphins, which can improve our mood & energy. Start with a few minutes!

  7. Book a therapy session: Sometimes we just need someone to talk to, and that's okay. Therapy can help you set goals, find what works, and help hold you accountable.

Remember- you're not alone and this is not your fault. Seasonal mood changes are real and difficult to navigate. If you need someone to talk to, COAST is a 24/7 help line: 905-972-8338

Don't hesitate to reach out - you deserve support.

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