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Therapy for Parents & Couples

Newborn Baby

Support for Parents

The transition from couple to parents can be a difficult one, filled with unexpected obstacles and emotions. I want to support you while adjusting to this new role and shift in identity, while encouraging you to communicate and connect with each other to help better understand one another's experiences. Together, we'll work towards shared values and goals while making space to explore challenges.

$180+HST per 75 minute session

Support for Couples

I support couples who are having difficulties identifying and communicating their needs or struggling to adjust after a life transition. You may want to explore your relationship on a deeper level before taking the next step. You may find yourself struggling to adjust after switching jobs or suffering a loss. We can explore the thoughts and emotions behind distant behaviour and help you reconnect or heal from your past.

$180+HST per 75 minute session

Smiling Couple
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